Thursday, November 21, 2019

Planning and assessing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Planning and assessing - Essay Example tion criteria of the best learners, provide a mechanism of evaluation of learners through a given program and motivate and encourage the learners in their undertaking (Armitage et al, 2012). There has been a rise in debate about the relevance of assessment in education, why can’t students be allowed to handle education matters on their own? It is the question frequently asked by those who propagate against assessment in education. However, assessment can be connected to a wide range of stakeholders. Parents, the government, education institutions and the learners themselves need to know the level and magnitude of their performance. No one will want to incur huge costs on learning and does not feel contented with the resultant service being offered. Thus, teachers and other stakeholders have to come up with techniques which will depict the rate of performance of the learners. According to Tummons, assessment is not only an attribute which is undertaken by the learners, but it is also an approach which boosts the morale of the learners in their studies. For instance, when a learner is able to take, a continuous evaluation test, they will tend to work harder each time another paper comes up. This is more positive as compared to situations where the learners are not subjected to any assessment. The effectiveness of the evaluation process underlies under those who engage in the whole cycle. Individuals who introduce the mechanism have to be properly equipped to handle any challenges that may arise in the process; in addition the process has to be friendly (Tummons, 2007). The assessment encompasses three approaches, it commences with the formative assessment to interim assessment to summative assessment in the whole period of the learners in a particular grade. The main purpose of superimposing all the three in the curriculum is to offer a wide platform of learning. For instance, it will aid the students to have a wide scope of learning; formative and intermediate

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